2019-2020 College Group Lottery Registration

10/01/2019 - 04/01/2020


Thank you for your interest in a 2018-2019 College Service Retreat at Nazareth Farm! We are excited to host you and your students this upcoming year.

Please read through the information on this page and the following page completely. We ask that each school, parish, or group provides their top 3 choices for group weeks so we can best fit everyone. The priority deadline for registration is April 15, 2019. We will assign Service Retreat Weeks by early May. Anyone who registers after April 15, 2019 will be added to weeks as they become available. Please only sign up for 1 group week initially for either 1 group of  7 or 8 volunteers unless otherwise discussed with the volunteer coordinator [nazarethfarm@gmail.com].

Please note: Total cost for the week is $275.00 per volunteer (non-resident) or $225.00 per volunteer (WV resident). ***We may be raising our registration fees this following (2020-2021) school year*** This fee includes food and lodging. The $50.00 deposit, which you are paying through the Lottery Registration will be counted toward the total participation fee, and the remaining money per volunteer is due 90 days prior to your assigned group week.



In response to an overwhelming amount of interest in bringing a group to Nazareth Farm and in an effort to provide equal opportunity to each group who would like to come to Nazareth Farm, the following Registration Policy has been set by our Board of Directors. Please review it carefully as you complete the registration application for your group.

The registration packet for the volunteer season will be available on-line at www.nazarethfarm.org. A reminder about registration will be sent to all interested campus ministers in March.

For schools that are interested in volunteering, the priority deadline will remain April 15. All applications submitted on or before the registration deadline will be treated as having been received on the registration deadline. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the desired weeks for those applications submitted by the registration deadline. When more applications have been received than there are slots available, slots will be assigned by means of a lottery system. Any group not selected by the lottery system will be put on a waiting list and will be contacted if any spots open up. Any applications submitted after the registration deadline will be put on the 'late' waiting list and will be offered slots, if any are available, in priority of submission dates as previously described.  

For group weeks, payment in full for the number of spots reserved must be received 90 days before the schools' retreat week begins. If payment is not received by that date, Nazareth Farm will notify you and will fill the spot with another group. If no new volunteer group is found to fill those volunteer spots, the original group will be responsible for full payment 90 days before the volunteer weeks. If an entire group must cancel, and Nazareth Farm can not fill the spot, your payment will NOT be refunded. Payment will only be refunded after those deadlines if the spots are filled. If groups show up with fewer volunteers than reserved and paid for, the amount will NOT be refunded unless the group called ahead and Nazareth Farm was able to replace the spots. If Nazareth Farm can fill the spot, you will be refunded for every person we replace. The deposit of $50 per person is non-refundable unless your group is not selected in the lottery system.

Groups who submit a completed application by the designated date, yet due to capacity constraints do not receive a group week will be given priority the next year if a completed application is received by the annual designated date. Groups associated with staff and board members do not receive preferential treatment in the selection process.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact

the volunteer coordinator at nazarethfarm@gmail.com or call at 304-782-2742. 

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